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Using our export tools to add new content to your website was never easier. You can custom define, photos, videos, and widgets that will fit your site/blog to a “T”.

Video Export Tool
Our tools are designed to make it easy as pie to add content to your website. Just choose the options that you want and you will have instant ready to use materials.
1. Just choose your categories
2. Choose your options
3. Select field options such as gallery id, titles, tags, categories, dates, and the url to the gallery.
4. Grab the link to export your file into you website.
Gallery Export Tool
The gallery export tool works exactly the same way as the video tools. Just choose your categories, options, and extra fields, grab your link and add to your website.
Using our customized widget tool is a snap to. Just follow the easy directions and you will have widgets that are ready to be added to your site in a snap.
Choose a search phrase. When you choose your categories the video ids will auto fill for you. Under settings choose your options including English or Japanese as your language of choice.
You can also choose to do a video preview or embed the video whichever works better for your website. Once you choose the appearance of the widget you are set to go, just save and grab your code.
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