Best Rates For You

These are our current rates per 1,000 unique views. Scroll down and you can see which country traffic will make you the best money per click. All rates are shown in 1k unique views.

Traffic rates:
Japan up to $2.40
Norway up to $2.00
New Zealand up to $2.00
Netherlands up to $2.00
Luxembourg up to $2.00
Singapore up to $2.00
Sweden up to $2.00
UK up to $2.00
United Kingdom up to $2.00
United States up to $2.00
Switzerland up to $2.00
Spain up to $2.00
Italy up to $2.00
Denmark up to $2.00
Canada up to $2.00
Belgium up to $2.00
Austria up to $2.00
Finland up to $2.00
France up to $2.00
Ireland up to $2.00
Iceland up to $2.00
Greece up to $2.00
Germany up to $2.00
Australia up to $2.00
Rest world up to $0.50
Bonuses: $ per 1k
1000 + 5%
40000 + 7%
60000 + 10%
How much can I Earn?

It`s absolutely depends on amount of traffic you will send to us, there is a lot of web masters who making more then $20.000 a month!
So making 2.000$ a month won`t be an issue

How to send traffic?

You can send traffic by :

  • • Direct links
  • • Embed players
  • • Banners
  • • Our Widgets
  • • Media sharing : You can also, upload videos or pictures you like and share it with everyone over social, forums, blogs or what ever you want.
Is there are any forbidden ways to send traffic or limitations?

— Yes, We don`t accept popup and popunder traffic, we don`t accept any kind of blind traffic.

We reserve the right to close your account if the quality of your traffic is bad.

We pay less ($0.50) for incoming traffic from the following countries: China, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Philippines, Algeria, Tunisia.

We don`t pay for traffic sent to deleted videos, so please remove them ASAP *you can use our plugins inside

It’s forbidden to open our clips in frames and iframes – in this case the price we pay for your traffic may go down.